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Posted RILINK Strategic Plan

Improve RILINK Member Benefits and Services

Vision for this goal: All members take full advantage of RILINK benefits and services to enhance student learning and achievement.


Standardize the student update process, including usernames and passwords.

Purpose Ensure accuracy of and access to student data as students progress through levels and transfer between schools.
Status Ongoing



  • Moved to Follett-hosted and split of the system into districts/individual schools will allow matching of usernames and passwords to local login parameters.
  • Work with local student data coordinators, technical staff and librarians on implementation of local username and password protocols.
  • Work with districts to implement SSO using Google or Clever.

Improve the quality and usefulness of the RICAT database.

Purpose Provide a robust discovery, collection development, and collection management tool that is appropriate for the diverse needs of students at every level and that supports every aspect of the K-12 curriculum.
Status Ongoing



  • Ensured that all members have access to Alliance Plus TM Online
  • Provide Professional Development on the use of Follett Alliance Plus recon.

Increase RILINK member awareness of benefits and services

Purpose Give all members the ability to reach all students with all available RILINK tools to support effective classroom collaboration and equity of access to resources and services.
Status Ongoing


  • Publishes monthly newsletter.
  • Posts to Social Media on a regular basis.
  • Provides Zoom sessions about benefits to inform and train members.
  • Instituted "Zoomulia" sessions to promote conversations with members and provide information about upcoming improvements in services.
  • Surveyed members to gauge awareness of resources and services. 

Implement best practices for accessing RILINK digital resources

Purpose Choose the best digital resources to meet students’ needs and  provide user-friendly discovery and instruction of, and 24/7 access to, those resources from any device.
Status Ongoing


  • Received a LORI grant in April 2021 which included funding for moving the existing BookLynx eBook and digital audiobook collection to a new shared collection with OverDrive, with an increase in funding required for each school in order to maintain and grow the collection.
  • Work with OverDrive staff to develop and maintain the collection in accordance with RILINK's selection policy, member requests, and other recommendations.
  • Established a RISOCKS Committee to bring concerns to OverDrive
  • Continue subscriptions to ExploringNature and CultureGrams.
  • Added links to these two subscription to Destiny Discover home pages.
  • Suggesting changes to ExploringNature based on survey responses and user experience.

Explore transition to a Follett-hosted platform

Purpose Assess feasibility and cost of transferring responsibility for RICAT data server storage, updates, and maintenance from RILINK staff and equipment to the Follett software vendor.
Status Completed


  • Investigated Accessit hosted platform.
  • Negotiated with Follett to move the their platform.
  • Moved to Follett hosted.