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How do students and teachers log in?

Please note:  if students are using a shared device, they NEED TO LOG OUT!  Sora cookies will keep you in your account (on the same device) until you log out.

  • OverDrive offers multiple ways to authenticate users:
    • Google G Suite Integration
    • LDAP, SAML v2.0
    • Follett Destiny
    • CLEVER and other digital learning platforms or learning management systems, such as CANVAS
    • Manage your own user names and passwords through the OverDrive hosted portal.
  • The current goal for both the library catalog and RISOCKS is to allow for single sign on as part of the district or school’s Digital Learning Platform or Learning Management System.

Each library can provide multiple points of access:

  • Work with your local technology staff to add a link to CLEVER or other digital learning platforms or learning management systems that your district or school uses, such as CANVAS

  • Use the logos and URL above to add a link to your LibGuides or other library pages on the web.  You can find the logos in the Image Manager under the Shared Library tab in RILINK Schools in the RISOCKS folder or in the Shared Folder on the Google Drive.
  • Tell your students and teachers how to find and use Sora apps.