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There are four different options to use Sora, the interface for K-12 students and teachers

1.  Sora Starter Collection

To sign up for this no-cost option, which is currently available through June 30th, check out the links below.  To apply for this option, your district must be new to Sora and OverDrive.

2.  Sora just for my district or library

To sign up for this option, click on the third link below.

3.  Sora as a member of RISOCKS, the Rhode Island Shared OverDrive Collection for Kids 

This option gives your district/school access to all of the items available in the shared collection, which continues to grow annually and as new members continue to join.  Click on the tab called Rhode Island Group for information about joining RISOCKS.

4.  Sora as a member of RISOCKS, plus your individual school account(s)

You can set up an individual account for purchase of local-use-only materials, and options to rent mulitple copies of titles, when they are made available at terms and cost set by the publisher for limited-time class/curriculum use.