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Sora is student friendly

  • The Sora interface was specifically designed for K12 students.
  • One tap gets you inside a book.
  • Provides the same experience on all devices.
  • Checked out items are easily downloaded for offline use.
  • Gives personalized book recommendations and learning tools such as dyslexic font, enlarged text, Read-Alongs, and audiobooks.
  • Supports readers directly with assistance from OverDrive.
  • Get the app from the app store for your device, or use it in your browser on the web!

It’s the largest catalog of eBooks and audiobooks…and can be made even larger by access to your public library through Sora.


  • Provides for exportable notes, highlights for collaborative learning.
  • Reading achievement badges and statistics are available to each student, but teachers can only see aggregate data.
  • Teachers can assign titles and track individual student reading progress for assigned titles.