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Current default settings for borrowing and holds in RISOCKS

  • Borrowing limits
    • Can borrow up to 3 titles at a time
    • Can have Holds on up to 3 titles at a time
  • Loan periods
    • eBooks: 14 days
    • Digital audiobooks: 14 days

Note:  Any schools that are participating in RISOCKs will follow the above guidelines for their OverDrive collection as well. The same borrowing limits and loan periods will apply to any separate purchases that they make for their students in their individual account. They will not be able to customize these settings for their own separate items, however

Users can now change their own loan periods:

Click on the "hamburger" symbol in the upper right-hand corner after you log in.


Then click on All Settings, and scroll down the resulting display to click on Lending Periods.

Choose your loan period for each format and then click on Done.

Publisher lending models

  • One Copy/One User (OC/OU) titles can be borrowed by one person at a time, and they never expire from your digital collection.
  • Metered Access (MA) titles expire from your digital collection after a certain amount of time or number of checkouts (or both), and can be either one copy/one user or multiuser (number of copies showing as owned is the number of checkouts remaining)
  • Simultaneous Use (SU) titles can be borrowed by an unlimited number of users at the same time. They usually expire from your digital collection after a determined period of time (for example, after one year). Simultaneous Use titles are added either as individual titles or as "plans" from specific publishers.   (link to list)
  • Some publishers offer titles as Class Sets (available for schools and academic libraries only).  You purchase the exact number of copies that you need for the length of time you need, with each copy is reserved for a specific student. Once your Class Set period ends, the Class Set copies of the title expire from your collection.
  • Cost Per Circ (CPC) lending model - you only pay when your users borrow titles.  CPC titles can't be assigned.  We will probably not be using this format.
  • For more information, visit