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Rhode Island Library Information Network for Kids: TumbleBooks

Tumblebooks Subscriptions available

 Please contact Rachela Naccarato at Tumblebooks for an individual trial for your library.  

If your library is a RILINK member, and you would like to order one or more of the TumbleBook libraries currently available, please send an email to to find out about discount pricing for Tumblebooks available through RILINK or click on the order form below.

Rachela Naccarato

Director of Sales and Operations

Tumbleweed Press Inc.

1560 Avenue Road Suite 300,

North York, ON M5M 3X5

1-888-622-9609 x 103

Fax: 1-647-499-5893

TumbleBook Library Premium (K-6) includes over 1,100 Ipad/tablet/mobile-compatible animated, talking, picture books plus read-alongs, ebooks, graphic novels, videos, and non-fiction. Students can take reading comprehension quizzes, and play educational games.  Teachers will like the Common Core Curriculum Portal.

List price is $999 annually; RILINK members get a discount.

2023-24 RILINK subscribers:  Cranston elementary schools, East Providence elementary schools, Claiborne Pell Elementary School, West Warwick elementary schools, Jewish Community Day School, 

TumbleMath (grades K-6) is your one stop destination for engaging and entertaining math stories, with the most comprehensive collection of math stories available anywhere.  All of the titles are in TumbleBook format, which combines animation, narration, and sound to create a compelling and enticing story book for students of all ages.  The books are all accompanied by supplementary materials such as lesson plans, instructional videos, educational games, plus quizzes in order to test and track student progress.  Teacher TumbleTracker accounts allow teachers to track quizzes and reading.

List price is $999 annually; RILINK members get a discount.

No current RILINK subscribers


fTeenBookCloud is a curated database of e-books and other digital content for Middle Schools and High Schools, as well as Public Libraries.  This subscription replaces TumbleBookCloud.  The growing collection features over 1,000 titles, including Graphic Novels, enhanced e-books with full audio narration and highlighted text, classic literature, national geographic videos, and more.

The site supports a wide range of readers’ interests and level, partnering with Orca Books and Saddleback books to add hundreds of High-Interest/Low-Level content. The new AP English section makes hundreds of curriculum books available as well. 

The subscription includes tools to simplify your students’ access from home as well as from your building. There are no check-out times or wait lists: the online books are always available, with no need to download.

List price is $999 annually; RILINK members get a discount.

One current RILINK subscriber

AudioBook Cloud is a growing online audio book library with over 1200 multi-user titles. including dozens of genres and interest levels. The collection includes popular literature, classics, children’s and teen books, mystery, sci-fi, history, biography, and more! No downloads, no software needed – simply click and listen!  

List price is $999 annually; RILINK members get a discount.

No current RILINK subscribers

Bristol Warren students and families have read more than 28,000 ebooks through TumbleBooks from September – December 2012.  Imagine that!  More than 28,000 reading experiences that our students would not have had without TumbleBooks.  

TumbleBook Cloud is also off to a good start and access is growing as students, teachers and families become more familiar with this complementary resource, which includes several of the books that are on the district read-aloud calendar. Bristol Warren students and families have had access to more than 500 TumbleBook Cloud ebooks!

It's a great example of effective collaboration between the BW librarians and the Technology Department. The BW librarians analyzed and researched TumbleBooks and Paul Morris and the Technology Department supported the resource.

Anecdotally, eBooks offer additional benefits:

  • TumbleBook eBooks that read to children and families model fluency and expression. Narrated books set good examples of fluent reading with appropriate expression. TumbleBooks are read by people not voice-generated software. Many times students instinctively and spontaneously repeat the lines after the narrator reads, copying the good example of fluency and expression.
  • TumbleBook eBooks introduce new vocabulary words that do not occur in everyday conversation. The text and often the illustrations, work together to introduce and define by context clues new vocabulary words.
  • TumbleBook eBooks all BW students access to additional books - at school AND at home or the public library. Because all students have the same access to the same books at the same time (24/7), it ensures equity for all BW kids. This access to TumbleBook eBooks breaches the digital divide between students who have iPads/nooks/kindle or other devices versus the students who do not.
  • TumbleBook ebooks are a resource that is not an option to individual families. While some families can and do have devices and purchase eBooks, families would not be able to purchase a family subscription to TumbleBooks and it would take a small fortune in time and money to offer the number and variety of eBooks included in TumbleBooks.
  • TumbleBook eBooks are easy for students and families to use. The eBook controls are kid-friendly, large and engaging - as easy for a kindergartener or for a grandparent to operate. For families who may not read to their children, TumbleBook eBooks are a practical alternative. And for children who have difficulty reading, they are fun and not perceived as "work". For families who give their children "computer time" at home, they are a safe and academic choice.

Nicole Galipeau, B.A., M.L.I.S.
Guiteras Elementary School
401-254-5932 x1721

Tumblebook case study - EdSurge (July 7, 2016)