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Rhode Island Library Information Network for Kids: About RILINK

Meet the RILINK Staff

Jacquelyn Lamoureux

Interim Co-Executive Director

401.301.4673 (cell)

Karen Shore

Interim Co-Executive Director

401.524.6279 (cell)

Diane Lebrun

Member Services Librarian

401.474.3528 (cell)


What is RILINK?

RILINK is a cooperative effort by Rhode Island school libraries to share their resources through an interactive, web-based catalog of library materials. Students and teachers at RILINK member schools can use their library catalogs to look for, and request, books or other items at member libraries.  Items requested are delivered to each school through the statewide library network. Currently, over 200 school libraries working together form RILINK, sharing their books, audiovisual materials and expertise to provide better service to their 110,000 students and teachers.  (RILINK serves over 70% of Rhode Island K12 students.) Through RILINK and its online web-based union catalog, these students and teachers have access to more than two million books and audiovisual items and more than 100,000 subject-based web links that are K-12 appropriate, chosen for their relevance to curriculum subjects. Through the statewide library network, they also have access to the books and other materials in Rhode Island public and academic libraries. If what is needed can’t be found in Rhode Island, the statewide library network will forward their requests throughout the entire library world, through an online international catalog and interlibrary loan system called OCLC.  This means that...

Literally the entire world is open to students and teachers at RILINK schools, even to those students who cannot get to their local public libraries and must rely on whatever they can get through their school library.

RICAT, a complete, web-based library automation solution, uses Follett’s “Destiny” Library Manager software.   No local library software or servers are required; the library needs only PC or MAC computers with standard browsers and a good connection to the web.

Through RICAT, the library’s catalog is available in the library, in classrooms, and at home – wherever there is a connection to the World Wide Web.

RILINK's Members

RILINK Members


RILINK Logoserves over 80% of Rhode Island K-12 students.

Members include:

  • 120 elementary schools
  • 7 elementary/middle schools
  • 6 K-12 schools
  • 36 middle schools
  • 7 middle/high schools   and
  • 31 high schools

- a total of 207 members in 34 school districts as of September 2023, plus the Family Literacy Center.

How do I become a member of RILINK?

To become a member of the RILINK community complete the application provided.  Please note- the application references the AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner.  More information about the standards are available on the AASL site.

What is RICAT?

RILINK members as Follett-Hosted sites as of July 1, 2021. A list of RILINK schools linked to their individual catalogs can be found on the RICAT page.   Destiny is Follett’s web-based library automation software.



Jackie Lamoureux, Interim Co-Executive Director

401.301.4673 (cell)


Karen Shore, Interim Co-Executive Director

401.524.6279 (cell)


Diane Lebrun, Member Services Librarian

401.474.3528 (cell)

Have more questions?

Still have questions?   Contact RILINK at