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Beyond Help: Call #s

Fix your call number extensions

Here's how to fix your call number extensions, for example, so that all of your fiction titles are either F or FIC and not a mixture of both, making a Resource List to print new spine labels for the copies that need them.

  1. Go to the Reports tab, and scroll down the page to produce a Collection Statistics summary.  This will take up to 90 seconds to appear, as it is compiled in real time.  Click on the button towards the upper right to get a printable copy, then print or Save the printable copy to see which call number extensions should be changed.
  2. Create a Resource List called Need Spine Labels.  Do not make it public, but add as a co-owner anyone else at your library that may need to access this list.
  3. In the Catalog tab, do a number search for the Call number that you want to change, for example Call number F that you want to change to FIC.  Don't be alarmed by the fact that you get all of the Call number extensions that start with F as the result of your search, including the call number extension that you are changing to, such as FIC.  The list will be in call number order (if it isn't you can re-sort it), so you can move through the list and add the copies that you want to change from F to FIC to the Resource list that you created in Step 1 either a page at a time if there are a lot, or item by item if there are not too many.
  4. Go to Update Copies in the left-hand column on the Catalog tab, and then choose Global Update from the tabs below the green bar.
  5. Updating Call numbers is the default selection, so go ahead and enter the call number extension you are changing from (for example, F) to the call number extension that you are changing to (for example, FIC).
  6. Then click on Update.  You will get a report in the Job Manager when all of the requested Call number updates have been made.
  7. Repeat the above steps 3 through 6 for any other call number extensions that you are updating.
  8. Use the Resource List that you created in Step 2 to print spine labels, which will print in shelf-list order.  Go to the Reports tab, choose Library Reports from the left-hand column, and then scroll down to click on Spine/Pocket Labels under the heading Labels.  In the report set up, you can choose your Resource List to print labels.
  9. Use the Resource List to identify which copies need the new spine labels that you print.
  10. After you have successfully printed new spine labels, go back to the Resource List, and click on Remove All at the bottom of the list to clear out all of the titles so that you can use the list again.