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Help FAQ: Library Vendor list

Why record vendor barcodes sequences?

The main reason for storing vendor barcode sequences is, obviously, to avoid duplicate barcodes.  Each of the vendors that you purchase materials from should have its own range of barcodes to assign barcodes to your new purchases if you are ordering materials with processing.  Follett Destiny has a place to do this in Back Office on the Admin tab.  Choose Site Configuration in the left-hand column, and then Site Administration on the right in the resulting row of horizontal tabs. .In Site Administration, click on Library Vendors.  Here is where you can enter each vendor, and the barcode range that you have given them for processing your purchases.  Unfortunately, if you are using code 39 mod 10 or mod 43 barcodes, you have to supply the check digit.  This is not so bad if you are using mod 10 barcodes, as the check digit must be a single digit (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9), and you can keep trying until you hit the correct check digit and can Save your entry.  Destiny will give you an error message if the check digit does not match your barcode format, or if there are barcodes already in use within the range that you are entering.  You can get a report of barcodes already used in your catalog in the Back Office Reports tab, by choosing Library Reports in the left-hand column and then choosing the first option, Barcode Lists, to generate a list of Used barcodes.

If your library is using mod 43 barcodes, there would need to be a lot more guessing involved, with 43 possible choices.  At this point, go to and enter your choices:

You can use the 6th digit, the nine in the illustration above, to create large ranges.  We have been using a range like the one above when we order printed barcode labels for your library.