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Adding Content

Cleaning Up Content Options

Assets include all Content Types added to your guide(s) with the exception of Rich Text.  RILINK Schools houses over 50,000 Assets. To get started deleting unused Assets follow these steps.

1. To view all of your Assets open the Content Menu on the Orange Command Bar and select Assets.

2. Filter by owner to view only your Assets.

3. Select your name from the list.

4. Click on Filter.

5. Under Mapping Count enter a zero. You will then see a list of Assets not being used on your guide(s).

6. Begin by deleting these unused Assets. CAUTION: If you have been storing potential Assets on the "fly," check to make sure you are not deleting these.

screenshot of unmapped assets

7. Attempting to delete a Mapped Asset will prompt this warning. This feature protects a owner from accidentally deleting a Asset in use.

Warning for deleting an Asset

The Link Checker Tool generates a list of links that may be broken. Please read the information at the top before using the tool.

1. Under Tools select Link Checker.

2. Filter the lst by your last name.


3.   Click on the link to test the connection.


4. Decide to either Dismiss from the Report because it is working now or add it to Exclusions. Read about this option under the Exclusions Tab at the top of the Link Checker page