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Adding Content

Using Tags in LibGuides

While Subjects are usually more closely related to traditional library classification categories, Tags are related to conventional website design and protocol and serve to make site content more searchable for your patrons and site users. 

In most cases, Subjects are general and Tags are specific, but Tags can be any relevant term that works for your library and its patrons. 

Some examples of Tags might be*:

  • books for reluctant readers
  • grade 4 research
  • mr. bailey's period 1
  • ricba
  • ritba
  • science fair projects
  • unit timeline
*By default, the LibGuides system makes all tags lower case. This cannot be changed.


1. While logged into your LibGuides dashboard, select the guide to which you wish to add Tags.

2. Click the edit icon next to Tags near the top.

3. Select desired Tag(s)* from drop-down menu (or create new Tag(s) by typing) and click OK to save selection(s).


*Tags do not require admin-level authorization. Anyone can add new Tags!

Tags* appear at the bottom of a LibGuides page to which they've been added. Below are some examples of how Subjects and Tags might work together on the same guide. Click on an image to view the associated page.