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Reusing Content from Other LibGuides Sites

I M P O R T A N T !
Please remember whenever borrowing content for use on your own site to always ask permission from the original site owner first and to always provide attribution for the source material on your site's page. This applies to both RILINK Schools sites and to sites outside of the RILINK Schools network.

Contact information for RILINK Schools sites should be available on each site's home page and/or in the RILINK Directory. Contact information for non-RILINK sites should be available on the site itself.

Did you read the "Before You Reuse!" tab yet? Please be sure you do!

RILINK Schools LibGuides sites provide access to a varied and rich treasure trove of instructional content directed at students of all ages and abilities, of research subjects of all kinds, and of readers advisory and book award suggestions to appeal to just about anyone. Many RILINK member librarians are happy to share their work. If you see a page on a RILINK Schools LibGuides site that you'd like to reuse on your own site, please follow these steps:

1. Contact the site owner to obtain permission

2. Follow these steps to import the content into your own site

3. Provide source attribution on your version of the content 


Did you read the "Before You Reuse!" tab yet? Please be sure you do!

As of November 2020 over 200,000 librarians at over 5,000 institutions across 90+ countries have created more than 700,000 LibGuides sites! That's a huge library (pardon the pun) of content through which to browse for ideas and, when appropriate, from which to borrow content (with permission and attribution) to meet your needs. Such is the power of LibGuides! 


Access the LibGuides Community search page here.


At the above link, look for these sort options and search accordingly:

  • Find Guides (great for searching for a specific subject) 
  • Find Institutions (perfect for narrowing down by K12) 
  • Find Librarians (ideal for finding a specific colleague's work) 
  • Springy Picks (some of Springshare's favorites over the years)

Or, browse through the highlighted links on the lower half of the page.

Need more sources for ideas and content? We've compiled some great examples on Web Design Best Practices

Springshare also publishes a page of exemplary K-12 sites. Feel free to check it out at the link below!

If you find a LibGuides Community site you'd like to reuse, follow the instructions at the link below to import the content into your own site. Please remember to seek permission first and provide attribution on your version of the site!