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Adding Content

Using Subjects in LibGuides

Subjects in LibGuides are classifications of subject matter--similar to Library of Congress or Dewey Decimal call number categories--that can be any relevant term that works for the needs of your library and its patrons. The association of relevant Subjects with guides (or databases) makes searching for content easier and provides additional tools for organizing and displaying information. 

The addition of Subjects as identifying terms also complements the use of LibGuides as subject guides for research projects or other specific purposes.

For best results, keep Subjects concise and specific to the subject matter of the content on the guide.

Some examples of Subjects might include the following terms:

  • American History
  • Cold War
  • Dinosaurs
  • French Revolution
  • Literary Criticism
  • Massachusetts
  • Pollution
  • Research Process
  • Taxidermy

1. While logged into your LibGuides dashboard, select the guide to which you wish to add Subjects.

2. Click the edit icon next to Subjects near the top.

3. Select desired Subject(s)* from the drop-down menu and click OK to save selection(s).


*Only RILINK Schools LibGuides admins can add new Subjects to list. If desired Subject does not appear in list, please contact RILINK Staff.

Subjects appear at the bottom of a LibGuide to which they've been added (click images to view associated pages).


A list of Subjects associated with all published RILINK Schools LibGuides sites appears on the BY SUBJECT tab of the RILINK Schools home page*

Subjects can also be associated with databases to maximize search results. RILINK Staff will explore this option more fully and share information here when it becomes available.