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Adding Content

Layering Content

Mix and Match Content in the Same Box!

There are several types of content that can be embedded in standard or tabbed boxes. Examples of each are provided below. Don't be afraid to layer different content types in the same box! 

Add all content types by selecting the Add/Reorder button on the lower left side of the box.

Most Commonly Used Content Types

This text you are reading has been added using the Rich Text / HTML content type. Rich text has great flexibility using a standard WYSIWYG editor: 

Easily change font style, size, or color,

  • add bb u l l e t e dd or
  1. numbered lists,
m a k e    s p e c i a l    c o n t a i n e r s ,

hyperlink text

add block quotes,

and much more.

Add and edit HTML using the Source button.

There are two ways to add links to your pages:

  1. Insert hyperlinked text using the Rich Text asset. Links added this way are not checked by the Link Checker Tool.
  2. Use the Link asset to embed one or more links as follows (these cannot be embedded in-line with text):

Advantages of using the Link asset instead of inserting hyperlinked text:

  • Easily reuse Link assets - create a Link asset once and it stays in your Asset Manager for reuse
  • Link assets you create can be reused by other RILINK Schools sites (and vice versa)
  • Detect broken Link assets using the Link Checker Tool (which does not find and check hyperlinked text in Rich Text assets--these must be checked manually, one by one)
  • Add descriptions, resource images, or thumbnail images for true Link customization

If you'd like to embed video, audio, search boxes, or other media and widget types, use the Media / Widget asset. Keep the following things in mind:

  • In most cases, the code to embed media and widgets must be provided by the source site - when you find the code, copy and paste it into the Add Media / Widget dialogue box
  • Clearly name your Media / Widget assets for reuse
  • Before creating a Media / Widget asset, search the Asset Manager (or use the Reuse Existing Widget option) to see if a RILINK Schools colleague has already created the widget
  • If you do reuse another site's widget, be sure to examine the code carefully to edit or remove any proprietary elements

View some examples of commonly used media and widgets below:

A great way to showcase your collection is to use the Book from the Catalog asset. (Note: it works for any cataloged item, not just books!)

When adding a Book from the Catalog, remember these things:

  • ISBN is required to pull up the record
  • All pre-populated fields are editable - include as much or as little information as you like

Below are three examples of Book from the Catalog entries using the same title:

Use the Document / File asset to upload assignments, rubrics, handouts, or anything else you can think of. The size limit per file is 20mb. Add descriptions, resource icons, and thumbnail images as desired. 

Common document and file types are:

  • PDFs
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files
  • Image files

The following document and file types cannot be uploaded using this asset:

  • Flash and other video files
  • Streaming content of any kind
  • Audio file (use the Media / Widget asset instead)

Below are some examples of embedded Document / File assets:

Use polls for pre- and post- assessments, to gather student input, to query staff for collaboration ideas, to seek feedback on library programs and services, among other ideas. Include up to ten poll choices, each of which can be hyperlinked.

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Other Content Types