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Adding Content

Add Box

To add a new box click on    



This window will open. Complete these steps for any box you create.

  • Give the box a title.
  • Choose the type of box that best fits the format for your content.
  • Choose the position for the box on the page.
  • Decide if you want the box to be visible or left in draft form.

Standard Box-  all types of content may be added using this type of box. Adding content by type adds the specific content to Assets and allows it to be reordered. Click on "Add/Reorder" to see the content options.

A Tabbed box allows the user to create tabs and organize content within a box. 


A Gallery box provides the user with a way to display rotating, linked images or books on the guide.  "Book" refers to "Book from Catalog" already in Assets.  "Database" is not used in RILINK Schools because it it shared by so many districts. LibGuides may be added. LibCal events may only be added if you have a subscription for the platform.

Top & Bottom boxes can be added in Tabbed Layout (top navigation) only.  The boxes span the entire page.  They appear on the guide once content is added. The choices for boxes and content are available for these boxes.